Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top Magical Place by Dani

Top Magical Place by Dani

Material: a tube, image of a landscape, effects of PSP, Filters Unlimited

  1. Open a new image 1000x600
  2. Open a tube, choose a light color from it and paint your new image,
  3. Select all, copy and paste the tube into selection, deselect
  4. Effects:  image: seamless tiling default
  5. Effects: distortion: displacement map these settings: preset Mosaic weave, stretch map, blur 0, 3D, 50, 0, wrap
  6. Effects: User defined, emboss 3
  7. Effects: Filters Unlimited: Kaleidoscopic Frame (rectangular) 41-40-36
  8. Adjust, Sharpen, Sharpen
  9. Select the area inside the frame, new layer, copy and paste the landscape image into the selection, deselect
  10. Lower the opacity of this layer to 50%
  11. Copy and paste the tube in your image as a new layer, place it where you want , drop shadow 3-3-70-10
  12. Image, Add Borders 5 Symmetric
  13. With your Magic Wand select this border, Adjust :Add Noise 30 Random Monochrome
  14. Deselect and save.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top Hearts and Diamonds by Dani

Top hearts and diamonds by Dani
  1. Open a new image 1024x450, choose a color from your tube and floodfill
  2. select all, copy and paste the tube into selection, seamless tiling default
  3. Effects: Mehdi sorting tiles: 050 50 Diamonds up and down
  4. Effects : seamless tiling default
  5. Edge: enhance more
  6. lower transparency of this layer: 75%
  7. Copy and paste the tube as a new layer
  8. Image: Add borders Symmetric unchecked top 0 left 0 right 0 Bottom 15, color from your image, select with the magic wand and apply an inner bevel
  9. Canvas size: 1024x2000 , new layer, floodfill with the color used before (step 1), put this layer at the bottom
  10. highlight the top layer and give a drop shadow, merge visible
  11. Open this image in Animation Shop, and open your bling, check how many frames it has (mine had 3) and duplicate your image till you have the same number of frames
  12. Highlight the bling, select all, copy, highlight your image, select all, paste into selected frame, choose the place where you want it, and click
  13. Repeat step 12 to copy another bling, but make sure it has the same number of frames
  14. Save

Top Radial by Dani

Top radial F by Dani
  1. Choose an image, duplicate, minimize the original
  2. Use your copy: resize: 1025x500 all layers, lock aspect ratio not checked
  3. seamless tiling default
  4. Plugins: Filter Factory Gallery  F radial replicate these settings: 136 117 80 (you may need to change the Angle according to the image you are using)
  5. Edge enhance
  6. go to your original and apply the 20/20 mask, merge group and copy
  7. paste as a new layer on the other image
  8. apply a top mask, merge group, inner bevel and drop shadow
  9. merge visible and finish as you like 

Top Alf by Dani

Top ALF  by Dani
  1. new image 1024x450 floodfill with a linear gradient 0 0 choosing two colors from your graphics
  2. Plugins Alf Power toys subnoise 20
  3. Alf Border FX Mirror bevel 160 205
  4. Edge Enhance
  5. new layer, with the selection tool select the rectangle in the middle, copy your image and paste into selection
  6. selection invert, new layer, effects 3D cutout 2 2 59 35 black, repeat changing only -2 -2, select none
  7. copy and paste a tube on your top, blend mode luminance
  8. image add borders, symmetric unchecked, 0 0 0 bottom 10 color : a color that is not in your image
  9. with the magic wand select the border, and copy and paste your graphics into selection, inner bevel 12  8 0 5 0 0 315 50 50 white, select none

Top Pinwheel by Dani

Top Pinwheel by Dani
  1. open a tube, copy, choose a color and floodfill a new image 1024x450
  2. select all, paste into selection, deselect
  3. effects, image , seamless tiling default
  4. effects Grafik Plus Cut glass 20 52
  5. edge, enhance, effects, Grafik Plus Pinwheel 128 86 126
  6. new layer, paste your tube
  7. highlight the bottom layer, copy
  8. image add borders, asymmetrical 0 0 0 bottom 10 choose a color that is not in your image
  9. with the magic wand delect the border, paste into selection
  10. inner bevel 1  8 0 5 0 0 315 50 30 deselect 

Top Raggi Blu by Dani

Top Raggi Blu by  Dani
You need:
a nice image
mask 20/20
Filter Factory F
  1. open a new image 1024x450
  2. floodfill with a gradient : linear 45-3 invert checked using a light color and a dark color from you image
  3. duplicate this layer
  4. go to the top layer: effects: Filter Factory F: flowers: 102-0-181-250-194
  5. edge/enhance
  6. selections/ellipse draw an ellipse in the middle then click on delete.
  7. new layer
  8. go to your image and apply the mask 20/20 and merge group
  9. copy and paste into selection
  10. effects 3D: chisel 4 transparent
  11. put your watermark
  12. image add borders top 2 right 2 left 2 bottom 10 symmetric unchecked dark color from your image
  13. inner bevel default settings

Friday, January 21, 2011

Top Spiral by Dani

Top Spiral by Dani
  1. Open a new image 1024x450, floodfill with a gradient linear 90 5 with a light and a dark color from your tube
  2. Effects: DC special Spiro FX these settings: 500 500 233 60 191 500 19 0 129 colors: choose 2 different colors from your tube
  3. Effects: Edge Enhance more
  4. Effects DC special Borderfade 10
  5. copy and paste your tube
  6. finish the stationery as you prefer