Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top Hearts and Diamonds by Dani

Top hearts and diamonds by Dani
  1. Open a new image 1024x450, choose a color from your tube and floodfill
  2. select all, copy and paste the tube into selection, seamless tiling default
  3. Effects: Mehdi sorting tiles: 050 50 Diamonds up and down
  4. Effects : seamless tiling default
  5. Edge: enhance more
  6. lower transparency of this layer: 75%
  7. Copy and paste the tube as a new layer
  8. Image: Add borders Symmetric unchecked top 0 left 0 right 0 Bottom 15, color from your image, select with the magic wand and apply an inner bevel
  9. Canvas size: 1024x2000 , new layer, floodfill with the color used before (step 1), put this layer at the bottom
  10. highlight the top layer and give a drop shadow, merge visible
  11. Open this image in Animation Shop, and open your bling, check how many frames it has (mine had 3) and duplicate your image till you have the same number of frames
  12. Highlight the bling, select all, copy, highlight your image, select all, paste into selected frame, choose the place where you want it, and click
  13. Repeat step 12 to copy another bling, but make sure it has the same number of frames
  14. Save

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